The Gun World of South Florida Story:

Building Gun World"Why doesn't anyone open a NICE indoor range. You know, one with REAL A/C, Real Ventilation. A nice healthy and fun place to shoot, with fair prices, and most of all NICE people...You know somewhere they care?"

Randy Waltuch February 2010

This was the question posed by our founder and my late husband to his friend and firearms instructor during one of his many monthly shooting trips to the Broward and Palm Beach shooting community. It was this and subsequent conversations with friends, family and firearms enthusiasts that made Randy realize that HE was the ideal man to bring such a facility to Broward county.

This store and range is his legacy. When the doors opened in Feb 2013 everything was Randy Waltuch! The dreams and plans started in our home, where every detail of what would become "Gun World Of South Florida" was planned. From the tile floors, to the custom retail displays, the best air conditioning and purification system that money could buy, wash sinks for the patrons at the exit of each range, the paint color, bright lighting, HUGE selection of rental guns, literally EVERYTHING was of Randy's design.

Gun World StorefrontRandy designed this gun range, store and training facility from the perspective of a customer. "What kind of place do I want to shoot at?" was at the core of all his decisions. He wanted a place where customer service was the most important element, somewhere with a club-like atmosphere where shooters would want to go, even to just hang out and say hi. "Good people, fair prices, beautiful facilities and SAFE" he would say. Somewhere you would want to bring your wife and family to enjoy and learn the shooting sports and place that is welcoming to those newer to shooting.

Not everyone around Randy was encouraging about his new project, but Randy was a doer, a man of conviction, and he did EXACTLY what he said he would do. He built his dream! What you see when you look around our store is Randy Waltuch's Dream Come to Fruition.

Kim and Randy

Sadly Randy passed away suddenly in January 2015. His absence is felt every day by not only his direct family, but by all that knew him - a big man with big dreams and an even bigger heart. Today Gun World of South Florida continues on, now run by his family with support of his friends. We hope you come by and say hi, enjoy your time and become part of The Gun World Family.

Kim Waltuch CEO
Gun World of South Florida






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